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Resorts Recycle

It doesn’t take a 9-year-old trying to get her family to recycle to recognize the concern Americans have about the environment. A Time magazine survey earlier this year found that 88% of us believe that global warming threatens our children and 49% believe the issue to be extremely important – up from 31% in 1998.

Whether or not you personally share these concerns, it’s clear that a majority of your guests want their resorts to be doing something about the crisis they perceive.

In April, the World Travel & Tourism Council gave Fairmont Hotels & Resorts the 2006 Global Tourism Business Award for their environmental initiatives.

The honor reflects Fairmont’s achievements in environmental best practices and cultural heritage preservation. The brand has a Green Partnership program dedicated to minimizing its impact on the environment that has implemented many initiatives from light sensors that reduce electricity use, to a non-toxic dry cleaning machine, to a recycling program. Many of these initiatives are both environmentally and economically sound.

Even small efforts make guests feel like management is doing something to be part of the solution. A couple weeks ago, the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show featured many new products and services from hundreds of vendors that reduce waste and pollution, decrease energy use, and more. To check them out, visit Green Lodging News.

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